LPG Solutions



What is LPG?
The basic idea of LPG is simple. If you are far from a gas main (the ordinary system of natural gas supplied to buildings through a network of pipes), simply get your gas from a large fixed tank or a portable canister or bottle. As its name suggests, LPG is a

Homes in Nigeria are usually burdened with carrying around LPG bottles for domestic use while these bottles might be convenient for bungalows it is not usually so for high rise buildings. Considering that in most developed countries natural gas is usually piped directly to homes, metered and used for domestic purposes. We are solution providers and saw this as cumbersome for big residential estates in Nigeria and thereby introduce this to your on-going project.
An LPG reticulated system within your Estate whereby the pipes to the homes are supplied from a central storage tanks or tanks while each home is equipped with a meter, similar to a natural gas meter to measure consumption and payment.


Delivery Flexibility

LPG delivery is not constrained by access to pipeline infrastructure – LPG can be delivered directly to remote locations and stored on site for continuous fuel supply using with bobtail tankers that ranges from 4 tonne to 12 tonne, the gas is dispensed using pump and hose reel arrangement LPG Trucks.


Periodic scheduled inspection and maintenance will be carried out on facilities to ensutre the safety of the facility.


Ring mill will be constructed around the facility for safety.


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